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North Korea (DPRK):
Guided group and independent tours for US citizens and other nationals.

August 2016.
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On October 8th 2016 we run two tours to celebrate Party Foundation Day national holiday. Pyongyang is particular beatiful during Indian summer season with warm dry weather and multiple holiday events. Featured event - optional helicopter sightseeing flight around city.
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On November 15th 2016 join us for a four night budget tour to DPRK priced at only $1,299 all inclusive from Beijing. See North Korea economical way while enjoying the same excellent itinerary.
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DPRK visa is provided as a part of all our tour packages. Please visit Application page for tour and visa application instructions.


Mass Games for 2015 were not confirmed yet. At the same time we hope that some sort of mass performance event will take place in 2015, as it is the 70th anniversary of the end of Japanese occupation and the creation of the Worker’s Party of Korea. .

Korean Americans and all other ethnic Koreans have a unique opportunity to visit North Korea with our tours. Unfortunately, ROK (South Korea) passport holders are not allowed to North Korea.

Join the exclusive club of travelers visited the world's most reclusive state. Only a handful of American tourists managed in the past to sneak behind the "iron curtain" and you could be among them. We have confirmation from North Korea officials that there will be another (and, who knows, may be the last) opportunity for Americans to visit DPRK (North Korea) in 2015.

While not everybody may know, US citizens can legally travel to North Korea (DPRK).

For Mass Games tours it is important that you book as early as possible. Pyongyang and the DPRK in general will be full of visitors at this time, so please reserve a space ASAP to be sure of being there to see this remarkable event and to experience North Korea at its most festive. We hope you can make it to DPRK with us for this great opportunity, if you are an American and have an interest in going to North Korea then book now, no telling when they will open up again!

Your itinerary will reveal the catalogue of revolutionary exhibits and 'miraculous feats' of their leaders but it also allows a great deal of contact with the Korean people. The stereotype of a 'robotic people' is soon be broken if you travel there, the Koreans are a very proud people and although their life is a struggle, their humor and warmth is unsurpassed. Europe, Canada, Australia have diplomatic relations with DPRK) and paradoxically it is one of the safest places to be in the world (and certainly the most memorable).

New Korea Tours will make sure you get the most out of your trip. Without exception every tourist has said that their trip to North Korea was the highlight of their world travels. We can guarantee you will have the most amazing travel experiences possible.

NEW KOREA TOURS arranges all inclusive group and individual travel to North Korea starting in Beijing. This is your most cost effective option. You meet our representatives at their offices in central Beijing andthey will brief you on the tour, issue North Korean visa and personally accompany you into North Korea.

NEW KOREA TOURS can help you to book air tickets from your home town to Beijing using bulk fares and to book reasonably priced good quality hotel in close proximity to our office in Beijing. We will take care about getting your DPRK visa. A complimentary bus will be provided from our Beijing office to the airport on the morning of your departure to DPRK.

Many of our tourists found North Korea (DPRK) the most exotic and unusual tourist destination in the world and named it the highlight of their travel experience. If you are looking for a sensational adventure, an expedition full with thrill and strong emotions, then there is nothing better then North Korea! Until very recently, it was hardly possible to obtain any adequate information about North Korea as a tourist destination. Indeed, the country is in real isolation. Only a few thousand people are granted entry to the DPRK every year, and tourists compose only a fraction of this number. Despite the fact that DPRK Embassies have been open in many countries of the world, only a handful of travel agencies offer tours to North Korea. New Korea Tours is the only US based travel agency specializing in group and independent tours to North Korea.  Please check out our prices - the lowest on the market.

We are not a travel company who portray DPRK simply as a holiday destination with picturesque sights; we do try and tell the whole picture, to inform our tourists of the reality of the country. We tailor itineraries to make sure you get as much contact with the Korean people as possible. Please visit our travel Advise FAQ page for more information.

New Korea Tours will make sure you get the most out of your trip. Majority of our tourists found North Korea (DPRK) the most exotic and bizarre tourist destination they ever visited. Without exception every tourist has said that their trip to North Korea was the highlight of their world travels. We can guarantee you will have the most amazing travel experiences possible.


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Arirang Festival

The Arirang Mass Games
with 100,000 participants - magnificent and unique sport and artistic show. Currently not available.

Kim Il Sung Square

Mass dancing on Kim Il-sung Square on April 15th, the birthday of Kim Il-sung - his portrait is in the background. All our tourists can be a part of this unique event while visiting North Korea during National holidays

Newly renovated Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il statues in Mansudae - the focal point of all our tours

Pyongyang Airport

Pyongyang airport greets our tourists upon arrival

Trip to the border area of DMZ, Panmunjom and Kaesong is a highlight of all our tours

former palace, Kumsusan Memorial Palace by Carpe Feline.  
Kumsusan Memorial Palace - Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il Mausoleum is visited by all our tours

North Korea - Yanggakdo Hotel Pyongyang

4 star Yanggakdo Hotel in Pyongyang

The Koryo Hotel twin towers - 1994-8 (136675)

4 star Koryo Hotel in Pyongyang

The Hyangsan  (136694)

Newly renovated 5 star Hyangsan Hotel in Mt. Myohyang where our tourists stay while visiting the International Friendship Exhibition

PotongGang Hotel

5 star Potonggang Hotel in Pyongyang - highest standard hotel and the only serving overseas tv programs in guest rooms such as CNN. Our Exclusive tours stay there.

Folk Hotel in Kaesong where guests sleep on the floor in the traditional Korean style.

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