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GROUP TOURS We will meet at our office in Beijing and travel into North Korea together. Our representatives will accompany the tour to DPRK and in Pyongyang we will be joined by our two Korean guides. We provide complimentary transportation from our office to Beijing airport on the day of your departure. A typical tour consists of 20 or so people, and is one of the few destinations where traveling as a group is perhaps more fun than going alone.

will meet us at our Beijing office. We will brief you on travel to DPRK and on arrival in DPRK two Korean guides and a driver will take greet you and look after you for your trip. The travel dates and length are flexible and the price depends on the number of people traveling together and length of your tour.

All our tour prices are fully inclusive from Beijing into the DPRK and back to Beijing. This means the costs of visa fees, travel to and from the DPRK, all travel within the DPRK, meals, tour guides, and twin room accommodation in the best hotels available. For single travellers we will try to find a same-sex member of the group for you to share with or you can opt for a single room with the supplement fee.
The tariff excludes DPRK visa fee, your additional expenses (souvenirs, extra drinks, etc) and tips for the guides and driver.

Important If you choose to take a tour then you must begin the application procedure at least 40 days before the departure date. Applying for a visa is a long bureaucratic process which requires at least 4 weeks to complete.
The tour is in relative luxury. The hotels in Pyongyang are good- Western 3 star equivalent- the hotels out of Pyongyang are reasonable. Food is fair but not cordon bleu. Transport is by coach and it is very safe- there is virtually no traffic in the DPRK. Journeys are no longer than 2 hours unless you are traveling to the east coast at Wonsan which takes 4 hours.

The itinerary will continue to reveal the catalogue of revolutionary exhibits and 'miraculous feats' all under the watchful eye of the 'Great Leader' and the Juche Idea. It is a tour of communism which starts with the 1950's reconstruction, through a fantasia of architecture and sculpture to the most recent exhibit, that of the Friendship sculpture representing the potential union of the South and North..
Every tourist who has traveled with us has said it has been one of the highlights in their world travels and I can assure you this is the case.
Only under 1000 American tourists have traveled to DPRK so far. Costs are all inclusive from Beijing and you will only require money for gifts and beverages. We offer discounts if you come with 2 or more companions and to students
We cannot take journalists into DPRK on tourist visas - please contact us if you are a journalist and we can offer advice.